Eye wash station use in Lab , Chemical Room ,Hospital, Chemical and pharmaceutical work site. we are importer & seller in Bangladesh for eye wash station

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Emergency Eyewash station 4710SS

Details : Emergency Eyewash station 4710SS Emergency Eye/Face Wash Fountain with Pedal 4710SS Operates independently by push lever Pipe: SS

Emergency Stainless steel Eye Wash Station

Name: Eye wash station  Band: safe origin: China operating type : Auto valve  foot padel & hand push Materials :

Eye wash Station

Description : Eye wash Station Type: Pedal type Material: 304 stainless steel Eye wash: stainless steel 304 inlet pipe (1-1/4),

Eyewash & Safety Shower G-7220

What & Why  Use Eye wash & Safety Shower ? A safety shower is a unit designed to wash an

Eyewash Station – GI 4710

use for lab ,chemical room

Portable Eyewash Station WG6000A

Why use portable Eye Wash station WG6000A ? Portable EyeWash Station WG6000A one of the biggest benefits of a self-contained eye

Portable Eyewash UPEW 14 91291001

Why use Portable Eyewash UPEW 14 ? Portable Eyewash Small compact size with carrying handle making it more convenient for

Safe Eye Wash Station

Description: Safe Eye Wash Station Name : Safe Eye Wash Station Origin : China Brand : Safe use : Lab

Unicare LSE 1B GI Industrial Eye Wash Machine

Product Information Unicare LSE 1B GI Industrial Eye Wash Machine Push Plate Operated – Wall Mounted Receptor Bowl High visibility

Unicare LSE2 GI Foot Pedal Eye wash Station

Description : Unicare Eyewash station Name : Eyewash  Station  Band: Unicare  Origin: China Materials: GI Model : LSE2 Type: pedal

Unicare LSES8 GI Safety Drench Shower

Product Information Unicare LSES8 GI Safety Drench Shower Eye/Face Wash operates by Foot Pedal & Shower by Pull Rod Supply

UPEW-15 Portable Eye Wash

Why use UPEW-15 Portable Eye Wash ? UPEW-15 Portable Eye Wash Small compact size with carrying handle making it more