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CBR Loading Frame and Press

Description : CBR Loading Frame and Press The machine feature a rigid two column frame with upper crossbeam, which can

Cone Penetrometer

Description : Cone Penetrometer It will consist of metallic cone with half angle of 15′ -30 ±15′ and 30.50mm coned

Laboratory Mixer

Name : Laboratory Mixer Brand: Safe Origin : Bangladesh Capacity : 7.5 litter

Liner Shrinkage Mould

Description : Liner Shrinkage Mould name : Liner Shrinkage Mould Origin : Bangladesh size : 140 mm long x 12,5

Relative Density Meter

Why use Relative Density Meter ? Relative Density Meter the purpose of the test instrument is to calculate the maximum

Soil Cutting Sampler

Description : Soil Cutting Sampler This versatile sampler can be used to extrude and prepare soil samples for the following

Soil Expansion Meter

Why use Soil Expansion Meter ? Soil Expansion Meter The Expansion Index Test Apparatus is a completely self-contained apparatus designed

Universal Extruder

Description : Universal Extruder It can therefore extrude CBR, Marshall and Proctor specimens. The extruder is actuated by a 50