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CBR Loading Frame and Press

Description : CBR Loading Frame and Press The machine feature a rigid two column frame with upper crossbeam, which can

Cone Penetrometer

Description : Cone Penetrometer It will consist of metallic cone with half angle of 15′ -30 ±15′ and 30.50mm coned

Laboratory Mixer

Name : Laboratory Mixer Brand: Safe Origin : Bangladesh Capacity : 7.5 litter

Liner Shrinkage Mould

Description : Liner Shrinkage Mould name : Liner Shrinkage Mould Origin : Bangladesh size : 140 mm long x 12,5

Liquid Limit Devices

  1 General Requirement: The Casagrande Apparatus is used in determination of moisture content at which clay soils pass from

Relative Density Meter

Why use Relative Density Meter ? Relative Density Meter the purpose of the test instrument is to calculate the maximum

Soil Cutting Sampler

Description : Soil Cutting Sampler This versatile sampler can be used to extrude and prepare soil samples for the following

Soil Expansion Meter

Why use Soil Expansion Meter ? Soil Expansion Meter The Expansion Index Test Apparatus is a completely self-contained apparatus designed

Universal Extruder

Description : Universal Extruder It can therefore extrude CBR, Marshall and Proctor specimens. The extruder is actuated by a 50

Why use Soil Testing Equipment ?

Soil Testing Equipment use Geotechnical tests provide valuable information on the properties of soil mechanics that affect the strength and the stability of pavements, embankments, and other structures. Laboratory and field materials testing of soils is an important part of civil engineering design.