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    Surveying Equipment

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    Surveying Equipment price in Bangladesh

    Surveying equipment is essential for measuring and mapping land, structures, and other features accurately

    Angle and Distance Measuring Instruments

    1. Theodolites
    2. Total Stations
    3. Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) Instruments
    4. GPS/GNSS Survey Equipment


    1. Automatic Levels
    2. Digital Levels
    3. Laser Levels

    Imaging and Scanning Tools

    1. Drones/UAVs
    2. Laser Scanners

    Auxiliary Tools

    1. Prisms and Reflectors
    2. Measuring Wheels
    3. Surveying Rods and Poles
    4. Data Collectors and Controllers

    Basic Measurement Tools

    1. Tape Measures
    2. Chains

    Vertical Alignment Tools

    1. Plumb Bobs


    1. Compasses
    2. Tripods and Mounts
    3. Range Poles
    4. Field Books and Survey Notebooks
    5. Surveying Software