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150 mm Bar Magnet

Description : This is 6 inch Bar Magnet, useful for student demonstrations, plotting magnetic fields etc. Made from magnetic steel

3M 8210 mask N95

Details 3M 8210 mask N95 NIOSH approved for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles Soft

Animal Cell Model

Description : Animal Cell Model 3D Model with colorful cell structures and organelles ( nucleus, nucleolus, endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, ribosomes,

AR8600L Formaldehyde Gas Detector

why use  AR8600L Formaldehyde Gas Detector ? AR8600L Formaldehyde Gas Detector  from International Gas Detectors – We can provide a range

Blue Safety Helmet

Description: Blue Safety Helmet Name : Blue Safety Helmet origin : china Brand : safe use are : construction projects

BOSCH GBL 82-270 820W Air Blower

Name: Bosch Air Blower Band: BOSCH Model: GBL82-270 Watt: 820w RPM:16000   key feature : Carbon brush vacuum function specialized

Electrical Safety Hand Gloves

What & Why Electrical Safety Hand Gloves ? Electrical hand gloves use  for protection Electric shock ,fire  burns & explosion

Electrosoft Isolating hand gloves

Description : Electrosoft Isolating hand gloves Feature Electrical Resistant Size Free Size Gender Unisex Color white Brand Honeywell Material Rubber

Emergency Eyewash station 4710SS

Details : Emergency Eyewash station 4710SS Emergency Eye/Face Wash Fountain with Pedal 4710SS Operates independently by push lever Pipe: SS

Full Body Safety Belt /Harness

Product Details of Safety Belt name: safety belt band: safe origin : china materials: lylon & steel hook: 2 hook