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Century Textile Marker Pen Red 2mm, 60ml

Description : Century Textile Marker Pen Century’s Tex Marker is a collapsible aluminum writing device filled with ink used for

Dummy Load Ballast 30cm*30 cm

Why use Dummy Load Ballast ? Dummy Load Ballast Conformity of SDC Dummy Polyester Ballast over time, between and within

ISO Crocking Cloth James Heal (5x5cm)

Description : ISO Crocking Cloth Crocking cloth, also known as cotton lawn or rubbing cloth, is used in a Crockmaster

Persil Powder Detergent 3 kg Pack

description : Perfect for any water temperatures Cleans tough stains even in a quick wash Help fight tough stains Works

SDC Blue Wool reference standard No.-8, Pattern 15x25cm, UK

Description : SDC Blue Wool These are a series of 8 wool fabrics dyed with specified blue dyes to give

SDC Pilling Tubes 4 Pcs Per Set

Description: SDC Pilling Tubes Polyurethane tubes as specified in BS EN ISO 12945 Unit Size: 1 Box Comprising of 4

SDC Stainless Steel Balls 6 mm ISO 105 C

Specification: SDC Stainless Steel Balls 6 mm Brand SDC Made in United Kingdom Item Volume 50 Pcs / Pack

SDC Taed Detergent 250 gm Pack Reagent

Description : SDC Taed Detergent 250 gm Pack Reagent The TAED acts as a bleach activator in combination with the

Texpen Textile Yellow Marker Pen USA

Description The Texpen® allows excellent marking of all textiles. The marking covers well and is conspicuous – able to withstand

Tide Detergent Powder 7.2 Kg

Description: Tide Detergent Powder Great stain-removal performance in any water temperature. Quick-dissolving formula even in cold water Enzymes help break

Tide Liquid Detergent Original 1.09 Liter Bottle

Description : Tide Liquid Detergent Name : Tide Liquid Detergent Brand : P&G size : 1.o9  liter Origin :  uk