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Century Textile Marker Pen Red 2mm, 60ml

Description : Century Textile Marker Pen Century’s Tex Marker is a collapsible aluminum writing device filled with ink used for

Dummy Load Ballast 30cm*30 cm

Why use Dummy Load Ballast ? Dummy Load Ballast Conformity of SDC Dummy Polyester Ballast over time, between and within

ECE Non Phosphate Detergent A.

ECE-Non Phosphate Detergent James Heal is a well-known company in the textile testing industry that manufactures a wide range of products, including detergents for textile testing purposes. Phosphate detergents are commonly used in textile laboratories for cleaning and preparing fabric samples before conducting various tests, such as colorfastness or fabric performance assessments. These detergents are formulated to remove impurities, stains, and residues from the fabric without causing damage or affecting the test results. ECE-Non Phosphate Detergent'

ISO Crocking Cloth James Heal (5x5cm)

Description : ISO Crocking Cloth Crocking cloth, also known as cotton lawn or rubbing cloth, is used in a Crockmaster

Persil Powder Detergent 3 kg Pack

description : Perfect for any water temperatures Cleans tough stains even in a quick wash Help fight tough stains Works

SDC Blue Wool reference standard No.-8, Pattern 15x25cm, UK

Description : SDC Blue Wool These are a series of 8 wool fabrics dyed with specified blue dyes to give

SDC Pilling Tubes 4 Pcs Per Set

Description: SDC Pilling Tubes Polyurethane tubes as specified in BS EN ISO 12945 Unit Size: 1 Box Comprising of 4

SDC Stainless Steel Balls 6 mm ISO 105 C

Specification: SDC Stainless Steel Balls 6 mm Brand SDC Made in United Kingdom Item Volume 50 Pcs / Pack

SDC Taed Detergent 250 gm Pack Reagent

Description : SDC Taed Detergent 250 gm Pack Reagent The TAED acts as a bleach activator in combination with the

Texpen Textile Yellow Marker Pen USA

Description The Texpen® allows excellent marking of all textiles. The marking covers well and is conspicuous – able to withstand