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3AR1-3p Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor

Product Details: Pulse arrhythmia detection Conical shaped wide range cuff, 22-42 centimeters Can be used with adapters or batteries{ 4

A2-classic Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor

Product Details: Model : A2 Classic Dimensions: 120 x 87 x 59 mm Weight: 375g (including batteries) Voltage source: 4

AG1-20 Microlife Blood Pressure Machine

Product Details: High Accuracy Easy to use Complete solutions High-quality sphygmomanometer Stethoscope Professional cuff (without metal bar) Bulb and valve

B3 Basic Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor

Product Details: Faster consecutive measurements for accurate averaged readings Pulse Arrhythmia Detection (PAD) for early alerts to possible arrhythmia Optimal

Glucolab Blood Sugar Testing Machine

What is Glucolab Blood Suger Testing Machine? The GlucoLab Glucose Meter is a device that accurately measures the blood glucose level

Jumper JPD-HA200 Blood Pressure Monitor

Details : Jumper JPD-HA200 Blood Pressure Monitor Automatic calculation entirely. Stores the outcomes for each of two users with up

Safe AQ Sinocare Blood Glucose Test Strips

Product Details: SystemBrand Name: SINOCARE Item Type: Test Strip  

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