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Honey Refractometer Brix 58-90%

Description Honey Refractometer Brix 58-90% ATC, China Honey Refractometer Ideal for All-purpose Honey & Brix sugar Testing. Open daylight plate

Refractometer (0-50%)

Description: Refractometer Provide high resolution brix scale for most general purpose work and give highly accurate readings with 0.10 Brix

Salinity Refractometer 0-100 ppt (0-10%)

Description : Salinity Refractometer 0-100 ppt (0-10%) Refractometers, Cheap Refractometers, Dual Scale Salinity Refractometer ATC 0 100ppt (0 10%) &

Why use Refractometers & Analyzer ?

Refractometers & Analyzer  is a well-established instrument used for measuring the water content of liquids. It measures the refractive index of the liquid, which changes according to the moisture content.