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100 mm Bar Magnet

Description: 100 mm Bar Magnet This is 4 inch Bar Magnet, useful for student demonstrations, plotting magnetic fields etc. Made

Analog DC Voltmeter 0408

Description : Analog DC Voltmeter, 0-3 / 0-15V DC, Made in India This simple analog voltmeter is great for experiments

Brass Pendulum Bob

Description Brass Pendulum Bob These brass pendulum bob weights are ideal for a wide range of physics experiments – force,

Convex Optical Mirror 50 mm for Optical Experiments

Description: Convex Optical Mirror Optically Worked 50 mm Diameter 150 mm Focal Length Made in India

Digital MultiMeter DT-830D China

Description : Digital MultiMeter DT-830D Small and easy usable yellow color multimeter that work with DC Volt, AC Volt, DCA,

Digital Stop Watch 5898 China

Description: Digital Stop Watch Material: Plastic; Type: Electronic/Digital; Auto Calendar; Height Digits; Time format 12/24; Accuracy 0.01 sec; Beep; Return

Glass Prism 38 x 38 mm Indian

Description Glass Prism 38 x 38 mm Indian Name: Glass Prism Size: 38 x 38 mm quality: Clean and Clear

Hooke’s Law Apparatus 2 Feet SS Made

Description : Hooke’s Law Apparatus Product Name: Hooke’s Law Apparatus / Spring Helical / Spring Scale Total Height: 60 Cm

INSIZE Digital Outside Micrometer

Description : INSIZE Digital Outside Micrometer Resolution: 0.001 mm/0.00005 inch Button Function: On/off, set, mm/inch, ABS/INC No data output LR44

Insize Digital Slide Caliper, 0-150mm

Description: Insize Digital Slide Caliper Accuracy: /-.0008″, Resolution: .0005″/0.01mm. Includes Inspection Certificate traceable to NIST. Automatic power off, moves the

Joules Calorimeter

Description : Joules Calorimeter Name : Joules Calorimeter origin : China brand : Safe use : school, collage  ,university  lab

Laboratory Stand with Ring Clip 2 Feet

Description : Laboratory Stand with Ring Clip 2 Feet Size: Length 2 Feel Base Size: 7 inch x 5 inch

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