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AATCC Blotting Paper

Description : AATCC Blotting Paper AATCC 35 Standard Blotting Paper, Size: 6″ x 6″, 100 Pcs Per Packet (Customized Pack)

Filter Paper Sheet

Description: Filter Paper Sheet Filter Paper Full Sheet, 60x60cm China This is easy to use You can cutting as per

Indicators Filter Paper 11Cm

Description : Indicators Filter Paper 11Cm Name : Indicators Filter Paper 11Cm Brand: Indica origin : indian size:11cm

Indicators Filter Paper 12.5Cm

Description : Indicators Filter Paper 12.5Cm Name : Indicators Filter Paper 12.5Cm Brand: Indica origin : indian size:12.5cm  

PALL Nylon Membrane Filter

Description : PALL Nylon Membrane Filter These  Nylon membranes from Pall offers unsurpassed sensitivity, low background, and lot-to-lot consistency for

Qualitative Filter Paper

Description : Qualitative Filter Paper name :Qualitative Filter Paper  

Sartorius Filter Paper

Description : Sartorius Filter Paper Sterile, individually packaged filters with effective retention, high flow rate, and optimum colony growth. The

Whatman Filter Papers 12.5 cm

  • Item Name: Filter Paper
  • Size: 125mm or 12.5 cm Diameter
  • Grade No.42 Filter Paper
  • Pack of Paper Quantity 100Pcs
  • Brand: Whatman
  • Origin: England

Whatman Filter Papers 125mm

Description : Whatman Filter Papers 125mm

Whatman Filter Papers 150mm

Description : Whatman Filter Papers 150mm 150 mm Diameter Qualitative Filters Whatman™ Grade 1 Filter Papers Covers a wide range

Whatman Filter Papers 90mm

Description : Whatman Filter Papers 90mm 90 mm Diameter Qualitative Filters Whatman™ Grade 1 Filter Papers Covers a wide range