safety instruments e-commerce platform in Bangladesh

safety instruments supplier in Bangladesh

safety instruments supplier

safety instruments supplier in Bangladesh  is frist safety e-commerce platform in Bangladesh . Safestallbd  is a  safety equipment supplier in Bangladesh. We have lots of stock and real sources of  Safety Equipment. We can deliver any safety items within 24 hours  in all Bangladesh. We sell our safety items in office  and online. if you need  all types of safety equipment for head to foot (like- helmet, head cover, goggles, eyeglass, face mask, respiratory protector, earplug, ear-muff, safety vest, PPE, hand gloves, safety gloves, safety belt, apron, safety shoe, etc.)  chemical suit, spill kits, etc. Click to See our Products


What  is personal protective Equipment (PPE) ?

PPE means personal protective equipment or equipment you use to guarantee your (own) safety.


Why  use safety equipment?

All businesses must ensure that their equipment is used and maintained correctly to reduce the risk of accidents or damage to health and to meet health and safety requirements.

who safety instruments supplier in Bangladesh  ?

Safestallbd  is frist  e-commerce safety  instrument  supplier  in Bangaladesh 


which brand work  with safestallbd ? 






solex super 





How to buy  safety Equipment  from ?

Anyone can place an order from anywhere in all  Bangladesh to our online platform  or direct confirm an order over the phone(01312885269)  or place an order by email , whatsapp  ,fb messenger . If you collect the product from our office, you just need to confirm us a minimum of 2 hours ago when you come to our office.

safety instruments supplier

safestallbd provide safety instruments in all bangladesh .we are importer in bangladesh for safety instruments .we are best seller in bangladesh

our safety instruments shoes

2 safety gumboot googles

4.chemical apron vest

6.chemical hand gloves


8.mask light

& our other service

1.lab instruments instruments

3.medical instruments

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