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Multifibre LW (10-meter) Roll
Multifibre-lw-10-meter-roll Original price was: 5,000.00৳ .Current price is: 3,990.00৳ .

Multifibre Adjacent fabric DW

​Multifibre Adjacent Fabric for a variety of Colour Fastness tests, manufactured by James Heal and woven in the UK.

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Original price was: 5,000.00৳ .Current price is: 3,990.00৳ .

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The Multifibre Adjacent fabric DW test is a widely recognized method for assessing colorfastness and performance of textiles. It involves subjecting a fabric sample to a standardized laundering process using a specific detergent.

During the Multifibre Adjacent fabric DW  test, multiple fabric specimens of different fiber compositions are sewn together to form a multifiber fabric. This fabric is then laundered using the designated detergent and appropriate washing conditions. The adjacent arrangement of different fiber types helps identify potential color bleeding, staining, or other colorfastness issues that may occur when different fabrics come into contact during washing.

The purpose of this test is to evaluate the color transfer or migration from one fabric to another, which is particularly important for textiles used in garments or products with multiple colored components. By simulating the real-life washing conditions, the Adjacent fabric DW test provides valuable information about the colorfastness and compatibility of different fabric types.

The test results help manufacturers, textile professionals, and quality control personnel assess the potential for color bleeding or staining during consumer use and enable them to make informed decisions regarding fabric selection, dyeing processes, and product quality.

The specific construction of MFA fabric promotes breathability and airflow, allowing for efficient ventilation and temperature regulation. This helps to prevent the accumulation of moisture and heat next to the skin, which can lead to discomfort and decreased performance.

In addition to its moisture-wicking properties, MFA fabric is often designed to be lightweight, durable, and stretchable, providing freedom of movement and longevity. It may also feature other desirable qualities such as odor resistance, UV protection, or anti-microbial properties.

Overall, Multifibre Adjacent fabric with moisture-wicking capabilities is a popular choice for activewear and sports apparel, as it helps athletes and individuals engage in physical activities with enhanced comfort and performance by managing moisture effectively.

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