Multifibre Adjacent fabric DW Original price was: 5,000.00৳ .Current price is: 3,990.00৳ .
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  • Ribbon construction for economy, ease of handling, and stability in use.
  • Identification weave built-in to enable easy recognition.
  • Stringent Quality Control.
  • Product authentication and quality guarantee, delivered via SDC security thread.

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Original price was: 5,000.00৳ .Current price is: 3,990.00৳ .

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Multifibre-lw-10-meter-roll. Warp Stripe specified by M&S. Six filling stripes with 15 mm repeat: Regenerated Cellulose, Bleached Cotton, Spun Nylon 6.6, Spun Polyester, Spun Acrylic and Worsted Wool.

SDL Atlas thoroughly tests all multifiber to ensure conformity and consistency from batch to batch to provide our customers with the utmost confidence in their standards-based testing.

Developed in conjunction with Marks and Spencer PLC, LyoW® Multifibre is a testing fabric comprising of six different fiber components. LyoW® Multifibre is used as an adjacent fabric in the Marks and Spencer PLC Colour Fastness testing regime, produced exclusively for them by SDCE.

It is produced with a narrow weave construction and contains the following components, Regenerated Cellulose, Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic, and Wool. LyoW® Multifibre undergoes a rigorous quality control procedure conducted by independent UKAS-accredited labs. The testing includes the individual yarns prior to construction and further tests on the finished product. The Multifibre is required to pass these tests before each new batch is considered fit for sale.

The Multifibre DW test helps identify the compatibility and color transfer between different fabric types, which is particularly important for garments or products with multiple colored components. By evaluating colorfastness, the test provides valuable information to manufacturers, textile professionals, and quality control personnel for product development, fabric selection, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

The test results help manufacturers, textile professionals, and quality control personnel assess the potential for color bleeding or staining during consumer use and enable them to make informed decisions regarding fabric selection, dyeing processes, and product quality. Multifibre-lw-10-meter-roll

Please note that the specific details and procedures of the Multifibre Adjacent fabric DW test may vary based on industry standards and testing protocols. It is advisable to refer to the relevant testing standards or consult with experts in the textile industry for precise instructions and guidelines.

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