Digital Water Flow Meter 1 inch For ETP Plant

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Description :

Digital Water Flow Meter 1 inch For ETP Plant

A digital water flow meter is a modern and electronic device designed to measure the flow rate of water in a fluid system accurately. It utilizes digital technology to provide precise and real-time measurements of water flow, making it a valuable tool in various applications, including industrial processes, water management, and residential use.

Description and Features:

  1. Digital Display: The flow meter features a digital display that shows the flow rate of water in volumetric units per time (e.g., liters per minute or gallons per hour). The digital display provides easy-to-read readings, eliminating the need for manual calculations.
  2. Sensor Technology: Inside the flow meter, there are advanced sensors that detect the movement of water through the system. The sensors can be based on various principles, such as electromagnetic, ultrasonic, or turbine, depending on the specific model and application.
  3. Measurement Range: Digital water flow meters come in various sizes and measurement ranges, allowing them to cater to different flow rates, from low to high volumes of water.
  4. Accuracy: One of the significant advantages of digital flow meters is their high level of accuracy. They can provide precise measurements with low margins of error, making them reliable for critical applications where precise flow data is essential.
  5. Output Options: Many digital flow meters offer multiple output options to transmit flow data to external devices or systems. Common output options include analog signals (e.g., 4-20mA or 0-10V), pulse signals, and digital communication protocols like Modbus or HART.
  6. Totalizer: Some digital flow meters also include a totalizer function that calculates the total volume of water that has passed through the meter since it was installed or reset. This feature is beneficial for keeping track of water consumption or for billing purposes.
  7. Battery or External Power: Depending on the model, digital water flow meters can be powered by batteries or external power sources. Battery-powered meters are often used in portable or remote applications, while those connected to a continuous power source are suitable for permanent installations.
  8. User Interface: The flow meter usually has a user-friendly interface that allows users to configure settings, view measurements, and access additional features. Some advanced models may even offer remote monitoring capabilities through computer software or mobile applications.
  9. Durability: Digital water flow meters are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, corrosion, and water exposure, ensuring their longevity and reliability in various industrial and outdoor settings. Digital Water Flow Meter 1 inch For ETP Plant


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