MultiPRO IQ Express

MultiPRO IQ Express


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Multi PRO IQ Express

MultiPRO Express

MultiPro IQ Express is the perfect complement to our new confined space multi-gas detector, the MultiPro. This fully automated bump test and calibration station performs up to eight critical tests, including gas sensor identification, instrument performance, and record-keeping procedures in seconds.

List of Benefits

  • Automated tests
  • Single or multiple docks
  • Various configuration options
  • PC Control
  • Efficient and economical

The MultiPro IQ dramatically improves compliance record-keeping efficiency and accuracy. You just put the gas detector in the dock and the MultiPro IQ Station does the rest. Extremely cost-effective, MultiPro IQ Express requires no testing or clerical skills and minimal effort by users.

Workers can check their instruments and get to their jobs with minimal interruptions. The IQ Express Station automatically performs eight procedures, including: instrument identification, battery test, audible alarm test, visual alarm test, vibrating alarm test (if applicable), fresh air calibration, bump test, and record-keeping. If the bump test fails, IQ Express will automatically perform a full calibration without intervention from the user.

Total processing time, including testing and calibration just takes a little over a minute. Connect IQ Express to your PC via USB or Ethernet* to download data directly to a PC.

Key Features

    • Automatic Instrument Identification
    • Automatic Battery Test
    • Automatic Alarm Tests (audible, visible, vibrating)
    • Automatic Bump Test
    • Automatic Calibration (if necessary)
    • Automatic Record Keeping
    • Automatic Ready / Fault indication

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