Fire Stop 1000 ml

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Fire Stop 1000 ml

What is Fire Stop?

A fire extinguishing spray that works immediately on contact to keep small fires from growing dangerously out of control. Give you and your family peace of mind by storing a can in the kitchen, near the grill, in your garage, and with your camping gear.

Product Specification:

  • Fire extinguisher with holder case or stand
  • Non-toxic and friendly formula
  • Perfect for your car and wherever you like
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Convenient to take along
  • Long-term storage
  • Material : Foam
  • Size : 1000 ml.
  • Use for Car, Kitchen, Office, Shop, Factory.
  • Made in China.

Fire Stop” typically refers to a type of fire-resistant or fire-retardant material that is used to prevent the spread of flames, smoke, and heat in buildings and other structures. These materials are designed to create a barrier that can help contain fires and limit their impact.

Fire stop products come in various forms, such as sprays, caulks, sealants, wraps, and boards. They are often used to seal gaps, joints, and penetrations in walls, floors, and ceilings, where pipes, cables, ducts, and other services pass through. These gaps and openings can potentially allow fire, heat, and smoke to spread from one area to another if not properly sealed.

Key features of fire stop products may include:

  1. Fire Resistance: Fire stop materials are designed to resist the effects of high temperatures and flames, helping to delay the spread of fire and protect the integrity of structures. Fire Stop 1000 ml
  2. Smoke and Gas Seal: Fire stop products often create an effective barrier against the passage of smoke and toxic gases, contributing to better fire containment and improved evacuation conditions.
  3. tInsulation: Some fire stop materials provide thermal insulation, which can help reduce heat transfer and maintain the structural stabili
  4. y of a building during a fire.
  5. Easy Application: Fire stop products are typically easy to apply or install, making them suitable for both new construction and retrofitting existing structures. Fire Stop 1000 ml
  6. Code Compliance: Many fire stop materials are tested and certified to meet specific fire safety standards and building codes. Using approved fire stop products is crucial for ensuring compliance with regulations.
  7. Versatility: Fire stop products can be used in various applications, including commercial, residential, and industrial settings.
  8. Durability: Fire stop materials are often designed to withstand environmental factors and maintain their effectiveness over time.

It’s important to note that specific product offerings and descriptions can vary depending on the manufacturer and the intended use. When choosing a fire stop product, it’s advisable to consult with professionals in the field of fire safety and construction to ensure you select the appropriate product for your specific needs. Fire Stop 1000 ml

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