Concrete Cylinder Mold-6×12

Concrete cylinders are typically formed by pouring fresh concrete into cylindrical molds known as “cylinder molds.” These molds are usually made of steel or plastic and come in various standard sizes, such as 4-inch (102 mm) diameter by 8-inch (203 mm) height or 6-inch (152 mm) diameter by 12-inch (305 mm) height.

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Concrete Cylinder Mold-6×12

  • Molds are constructed of plated metallic steel for rust resistance and are dimensionally stable under severe use. Molds are split along one side with 2 quick-acting clamps welded to the mold. When open, mold springs apart slightly to allow specimen removal. Include a detachable base plate.
    Dimension: 6 x12 INCHI
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 12kgs
  • Wall thickness(mm): 6mm
  • 1Set = 3 Pcs Cylinder with Metalic Rod
  • Made in Bangladesh
  • Concrete Cylinder Mold-6×12

A concrete cylinder refers to a cylindrical sample of concrete that is typically used for testing and quality control purposes in the construction industry. It is commonly produced on-site or in a laboratory to assess the strength and other mechanical properties of the concrete mixture.

Once the concrete is placed into the mold, it is compacted and leveled using appropriate tools to ensure proper consolidation and eliminate air voids. The concrete is then allowed to cure and harden under controlled conditions, usually in a moist environment, for a specified period of time, typically 24 to 48 hours.

After the curing period, the concrete cylinder is carefully removed from the mold. It is important to handle the cylinder with care to prevent any damage or disturbance to the surface or internal structure. Concrete Cylinder Mold-6×12

Concrete cylinders are then typically labeled with relevant information such as the date of casting, location, mix design details, and a unique identification number. These labels ensure traceability and proper documentation for future reference.

The concrete cylinders are subsequently transported to a testing laboratory, where they undergo various tests, including compression testing, to determine their strength and other mechanical properties. During compression testing, a hydraulic press applies a gradually increasing load to the cylinder until it fractures. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the cylinder is recorded, and the compressive strength of the concrete is calculated based on the dimensions and the load applied. Concrete Cylinder Mold-6×12

Concrete cylinders are widely used in construction projects to assess the quality and performance of concrete mixes. The test results obtained from these cylinders help in evaluating the strength, durability, and overall suitability of the concrete for specific applications, ensuring that it meets the desired standards and specifications. Concrete Cylinder Mold-6×12


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