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Welcome to ploylab  in Bangladesh

PolyLab Bangladesh is Bangladeshi Wholeseller ,supplier  & seller .  we are providing  all type  ploylab  instruments  in all Bangladesh .

Having made a humble beginning in the late nintys, Polylab’s journey through all these years has made it a distinct face in the crowd. From a handful of machines and molds in the primary years, the group has achieved a phenomenal growth with respect to infrastructure development as well as market presence. Today, Polylab labware is an integral part of every laboratory not only in India but abroad also. By virtue of a dynamic marketing network, we have made our presence felt in nearly every part of the world be it USA, South America, Europe, Africa or South East Asia.

Having excelled in Labware, Polylab has added yet another feather in it’s cap by creating a new Type III DMF manufacturing facility in Kundli, Haryana, dedicated to pharmaceutical packaging. Needless to quote, this unit is a marvel in terms of technology and design, incorporating state of the art Quality Management Systems.

Why use polylab  plastic ware ?

  • Non-breakable and shows some degree of flexibility
  • Plasticware is generally light in weight and therefore it is easier to handle items such as large desiccators or graduated cylinders, etc.
  • Non-leaching of inorganic species makes plastic containers a preferred choice in trace metal studies. However, plastic containers are not suitable for use with most organic solvents
  • Plastic items such as vials and micro pipette tips are usually considered disposable. However, whenever possible, these should be reused after proper cleaning as plastics are non-biodegradable and contribute to the environmental burden. If this is not possible dispose according to prescribe norms. Reuse can further save on recurring costs
  • Plastic items are commonly less expensive compared to glass items

How to Place Order  polyLab  instruments ?

Anyone can place an order from anywhere in all  Bangladesh to our online platform  or direct confirm an order over the phone(01312885269)  or place an order by email , whatsapp  ,fb messenger . If you collect the product from our office, you just need to confirm us a minimum of 30 munite ago when you come to our office.


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