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Lab Chemicals Online Price In Bangladesh

Lab Chemicals Online Price In Bangladesh

Lab Chemicals Online price

Chemical used for investigative or diagnostic purposes, such as in the preparation of drugs or in laboratory experiments.. if you  need  any type  chemical  please  visit our  website  .

Most useable chemical list  in Lab

Sodium Chloride- ????
Sodium Sulphate-??????
Sodium Carbonate – ??????
Copper sulphate-?????
Copper Carbonate-?????
Copper Chloride-?????
Aluminum Chloride- ?????
Ammonium Chloride-?????
Aluminum Sulphate-???(???)?
Calcium Carbonate – ?????
Zinc Chloride-?????
Zinc Carbonate-?????
Zinc Sulphate-?????
Ferrous Sulphate-?????
Ferric Chloride-?????
Ammonium Chloride-?????
Ammonium Carbonate
Ammonium Sulphate
Ammonium Hydroxide-?????
Potassium Ferrocyanide –
Potassium Ferricyanide –
Potassium Iodide-??
Ammonium Thiocyanide –
Ammonium Oxalate –
Potassium Pyroantimonate –
Silver Nitrate-?????
Thioacetamide -??????
Sodium Hydroxide-????
Mercuric Chloride-?????
Potassium Hydroxide-???
Barium nitrate-??(???)?
Lead Acetate -(??????)???
Sodium bicarbonate-??????
Phosphorus Pentachloride -????

Methyl Orange- C14H14N3NaO3S
Ethyl methyl Ketone-?????????
Chloro Benzene-(??????
Phenol- (????−??)
Sodium metal-??
Kerosene- (??????−??????)
Magnesium ribbon(Mg)
Coconut oil
Potassium permanganate – ????_?
Potassium Carbonate – ?????
Magnesium Carbonate – ?????
Hydrochloric acid- ???
Acetic Acid – ???????
Zink Sulphate-?????
Zink rod
Copper rod
Ethanol – ????????, 95%
Lead chloride – ?????
Sodium Hydroxide – ????
Copper sulphate-????? solution


How to Place Order  Lab  Chemical  ?

Anyone can place an order from anywhere in all  Bangladesh to our online platform  or direct confirm an order over the phone(01312885269)  or place an order by email , whatsapp  ,fb messenger