Circular Saw Total TSLI1401


Model no.TSLI1401
Voltage20V ⎓
No-load speed3600/min
Blade diameter140mm
Cutting capacity45 degree: 28mm, 90 degree: 40mm
Battery included, compatible with 2.0Ah
Charger included
Suitable with2.0Ah Battery Pack4.0Ah Battery Pack
SKU: mkTG10710056

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TSLI1401 Lithium-Ion Circular Saw

This price (With Battery & Charger)

Circular Saw Total TSLI1401

This circular saw has a dust blow system and is able to cut a bevel up to 45 degree.

A Circular Saw Total TSLI1401 is a powerful cutting tool used primarily for making straight cuts in various materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, and masonry. It consists of a circular blade with sharp teeth that rotates rapidly to cut through the material. Here’s a general description of a circular saw and its key features:

  1. Blade: The circular saw’s blade is its main cutting component. It comes in various sizes and configurations, depending on the type of material to be cut. Blades with different numbers of teeth and tooth geometries are used for specific applications.
  2. Motor: The circular saw is powered by an electric motor, which drives the rotation of the blade. The motor’s power and speed determine the saw’s cutting capabilities.
  3. Base Plate or Shoe: The base plate, also known as the shoe, provides stability and support for the saw during cutting. It usually has measurement markings and guides to help achieve accurate cuts.
  4. Depth and Angle Adjustment: Circular saws typically have mechanisms for adjusting the cutting depth and bevel angle. These adjustments allow users to control the depth of the cut and make beveled cuts at various angles. Circular Saw Total TSLI1401
  5. Handle and Trigger: The saw features a handle for comfortable grip and control. The trigger on the handle is used to start and stop the saw’s motor.
  6. Safety Features: Many modern circular saws are equipped with safety features, such as blade guards that cover the blade when not in use and retract when cutting. Some models also have electric brakes that rapidly stop the blade when the trigger is released.
  7. Dust Extraction: Some circular saws come with dust extraction ports or systems to help capture and remove sawdust and debris generated during cutting. Circular Saw Total TSLI1401
  8. Corded or Cordless: Circular saws are available in both corded and cordless (battery-powered) versions. Cordless models offer greater portability and flexibility, while corded models provide consistent power without the need for recharging.
  9. Applications: Circular saws are used for a wide range of applications, including carpentry, woodworking, construction, remodeling, and DIY projects. They are suitable for making straight cuts, crosscuts, rip cuts, and beveled cuts.
  10. Safety Precautions: Using a circular saw requires proper safety precautions, such as wearing protective eyewear, hearing protection, and appropriate clothing. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe operation and maintenance.

Remember that specific features and capabilities may vary between different models and brands of circular saws. When choosing a circular saw, consider factors such as the intended use, cutting capacity, power source, and safety features. Always follow proper operating procedures and safety guidelines to ensure safe and accurate cutting.

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