Pinless Building Moisture Meter

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Product Description

moisture meter

MESTEK Wood Moisture Meter WM700A is an excellent non-destructive sensing moisture meter. It mainly measures the humidity value through the sensor on the back, and tests various materials without damage by transmitting and receiving high-frequency electromagnetic wave signals to the measuring material. Moisture indication is absolutely non-destructive, without the need to insert electrodes or probes into the material to be measured, quickly and non-destructively indicating moisture distribution near the surface area.

×Accurately locate moisture distribution

High precision value up to ±4%, more accurate measurement. Easily detect near-surface moisture in a variety of materials and quickly locate moisture distribution in walls, floors or ceilings without compromising wall quality.

×Easy to use

In the measurement mode, you only need to align the sensing area on the back of the instrument with the measurement site to automatically measure. Press the “HOLD” key to record the current measured value.

×Temperature measurement

It can measure the temperature and humidity in the environment, and can provide effective reference data for the dryness of the wall. According to user preference, the F/C display of temperature and humidity can be switched.

×Smart device

Low battery reminder: When the battery power is too low, a low battery reminder icon will appear on the screen. Automatic shutdown: After ten minutes of inactivity, the machine will automatically shut down.

×High cost performance

The fuselage is sturdy, with a cool black appearance, the design is very technological, wear-resistant and durable. The keys are simple enough for beginners to use. Perfect for a holiday gift to a friend!

Wood Moisture Meter

Pinless Moisture Meter

Package Included
  • 1*Moisture meter
  • 3*1.5V AAA Battery
  • 1*Screwdriver
  • 1*Instruction Manual
Multifuctional Device for Moisture Detection Work

HD LCD Display: Provide a clear readings

Auto-shutdown: 3 minutes

Data retention: “HOLD” button

High Sensitive chip: updated technology

Mode switching: drywall, masonry, hardwood, and softwood

Pinless Wood Moisture Meter

Why do we need to choose it?

Moisture that wood absorbs from its surroundings can affect combustion, and increased moisture in walls is also a common problem in buildings. Excessive humidity in walls and wood will affect the living and use experience, and our moisture meter can accurately detect the humidity value in a non-destructive state, and conduct preliminary tests on the preparation of building material coverage.


  1. The storage environment of the instrument should be kept away from high temperature, humidity, corrosive gas or objects.
  2. Do not drop or hit the instrument, and do not disassemble the instrument to avoid malfunction.
  3. If there are stains or dust on the surface of the instrument, please clean it with a damp sponge or soft cloth.


drywall moisture meter

moisture meter for wood

wood moisture tester

Automatic Shut-Down

The instrument will shut down automatically without any operation within 10 minutes. Save battery consumption.

℃/℉ Switch

According to user preference, The ℃/℉display type of the ambient temperature can be changed by pressing the C/F key.


Short press HOLD to lock the current value, and short press again to unlock.

moisture meter for walls

moisture meters

moisture detector

moisture meter for drywall

LCD HD Display

It adopts large LCD color display screen with color analog display bars, and the measurement results are visualized and easier to understand.

Alarm function

Dual alarm mode. When the measured value exceeds the alarm value, the analog display bar on the screen displays red, and at the same time the right side of the screen lights up “WET” and the buzzer sounds.

SEL mode selection

According to different measured objects, different measurement modes can be selected, which will help users get more accurate results.


ZERO clear

0-point calibration is performed based on the current air humidity or the humidity of the measured object. Applying this function can detect the humidity difference in the same area.

Pinless Moisture Meter

Technical Indicators

Maximum Measurement Thickness4/3 inch (20mm)
Automatic Shut-Down10 minutes
Working current20mA
Operating Temperature0-40℃
DisplayLCD color display
Battery1.5V X 3AAA Battery
Storage Environment-10~50℃ ( 5%95%RH)
Working Humidity0%-70%
WeightAbout 150g (without battery)

Product information

Technical Details

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