Photoelectric Smoke Sensor VF2011-00

Photoelectric Smoke Sensor VF2011-00

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Why use Photoelectric Smoke Sensor VF2011-00?

Photoelectric Smoke Sensor VF2011-00

The detection chamber consists of a light-emitting diode (LED) and photodiode arrangement. The chamber is designed such that
light emitted by the LED cannot normally reach the photodiode. In the event of fire, particles of smoke enter the chamber and scatter the light. As the smoke level increases, the scattering effect increases, causing more light to hit the photodiode. The chamber
contains a unique baffle design which allows smoke to enter the chamber while preventing external light from affecting the photodiode. The photodiode input level is sampled to sense smoke density.

Operating Voltage : 17-41 VDC

Standby Current : 450 mA
Alarm Current : 540 mA
Transmission Method :  DCP—Digital Communication Protocol
Maximum Humidity :  up to 95% non-condensing
UL Temperature Range : 32º F to 115º F
Operating Temperature Range : 14º F to 122º F
Sensitivity Range : 0.7 – 4.0%/ FT @ 300 FPM
0.7 – 3.86%/ FT @ 2000 FPM
0.7 – 2.65%/ FT @ 4000 FPM
Air Velocity Range : 0-4000 fpm
Color and Case Material : Bone / White – ABS Blend

The VF7001 and the VF7002 mounting bases are electronics
free and are a simple rugged design with screw terminals for
wiring connections. A common mounting base allows sensor
interchange and maintains loop continuity when sensors are
removed. A simple anti-tamper head locking system is provided
the sensor. diameter screw driver.

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