Honeywell H99 Safety Helmet

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Key Features of the Honeywell H99 Safety Helmet:

Honeywell H99 Safety Helmet

  1. Material:
    • High-Impact Polyethylene (HDPE): The helmet shell is typically made from high-density polyethylene, offering excellent impact resistance and durability while remaining lightweight.
  2. Design:
    • Full-Brim: The H99 often features a full-brim design that provides additional protection against falling debris, sun, and rain, shielding the face, ears, and neck.
    • Ventilation: Some models include ventilation slots to improve air circulation, keeping the wearer cool in hot environments.
  3. Suspension System:
    • 4-Point or 6-Point Suspension: The suspension system helps distribute the force of impacts evenly across the head, enhancing comfort and protection.
    • Adjustability: The suspension system can be easily adjusted to fit various head sizes securely. Ratchet adjustment or pin-lock systems are commonly used for easy and precise fitting.
  4. Comfort Features:
    • Sweatband: Often includes a moisture-wicking sweatband that absorbs sweat and provides additional comfort during long periods of wear.
    • Padding: Additional padding may be included for enhanced comfort, reducing pressure points on the head.
  5. Compliance and Standards:
    • ANSI/ISEA Z89.1: Meets or exceeds the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) standards for industrial head protection.
    • EN 397: Complies with European standards for industrial safety helmets, ensuring it meets rigorous safety and performance criteria.
  6. Accessories and Compatibility:
    • Accessory Slots: Equipped with slots for attaching various accessories, such as face shields, ear muffs, and chin straps, to provide additional protection and functionality.
    • Chin Strap: Some models come with an optional chin strap to ensure the helmet stays securely in place during rigorous activities.


  • Construction: Ideal for use on construction sites to protect against falling objects and other hazards.
  • Manufacturing: Suitable for workers in manufacturing environments where head protection is required.
  • Utilities: Used by utility workers for protection against electrical hazards and falling objects.
  • General Industry: Versatile enough for a wide range of industrial applications requiring head protection.


  • Enhanced Safety: Provides reliable protection against head injuries caused by impact, falling objects, and other hazards.
  • Comfort and Fit: Adjustable suspension systems and comfort features ensure a secure and comfortable fit for prolonged use.
  • Durability: Made from robust materials that withstand harsh working conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Versatility: Compatible with various accessories to extend protection and functionality.

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