Century’s Everon Marker

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What is Century’s Everon Marker?

Century’s Everon Marker is a unique marking device used in textile mills & factories for permanent marking on gray cloth & fabrics. It has a rigid aluminum body making it difficult to break, puncture or leak. It also has a rubber valve at the bottom for smooth ink flow. When the valve is pumped it compresses ink towards a fine ball point for smooth flow and easy writing. It is also known as ‘pump-type marker’ or ‘TEXPEN’. The viscous ink makes permanent, bright & opaque markings on all kinds of fabrics and remains visible even after the dyeing & other finishing processes. It works on all kinds of fabrics like cotton, denim, polyester, wool, silk, linen etc. It is widely used in dyeing houses & textile mills in processes like dyeing, scouring, bleaching, hosiery, knitting & weaving.

Everon Marker is designed where by it can be used up to last drop of ink when compared to traditional tube type markers where almost 20% of ink goes waste or we are unable to use after squeezing, as it is difficult to even hold the tube.


Permanent, Bright & Opaque Markings on any fabric. Markings are acid alkali resistant, heat resistant & remain permanent even after dyeing & finishing processes.

Hard Aluminium body makes it difficult to break, puncture or leak.

Works on all kinds of fabrics including cotton, silk, polyester, wool, denim, linen etc.

Rubber Valve at bottom enables smooth & automatic ink flow.Zero Wastage of Ink compared to tube type markers which waste 15-20% ink.

Direction of Use:

Remove Cap. For cold start press the rubber ball/valve 4-5 times at the bottom for ink flow at the tip.

Mark vertically at 90-degree angle & ensure the ball presses the surface for smooth ink flow.

As pressure reduces, press the rubber valve 2-3 times to continue writing.

Do not press the rubber bulb when not in use as it will lead to increase ink pressure.

Clean the tip & put the cap back on when after each use.


Harmful if swallowed or intentional inhalation.

Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from open flame.

Please test before use.

Colors Available:

Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, Orange, Green, White, Pink, Violet.

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