Battery Load Tester

Key Features:

  1. Battery Compatibility: The  Load Tester is compatible with a wide range of batteries, including lead-acid batteries (flooded, AGM, gel), deep-cycle batteries, marine batteries, and more. It allows users to test batteries commonly used in vehicles, boats, RVs, and backup power systems.
  2. Load Testing: The primary function of the load tester is to apply a controlled load to the battery and measure its voltage response under load. Load testing simulates real-world conditions and helps assess the battery’s ability to deliver power effectively.
  3. Capacity Assessment: By subjecting the battery to a specific load and measuring its performance, the load tester provides an estimate of the battery’s capacity. This information helps determine if the battery is still capable of holding a sufficient charge.
  4. CCA Measurement: For automotive batteries, the load tester can often measure Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), which is crucial for evaluating a battery’s ability to start a vehicle in cold temperatures.
  5. Digital Display: The load tester is equipped with a digital display that shows voltage readings, load test results, and other relevant information in an easy-to-read format. Some models may also display CCA values and test progress.
  6. User-Friendly Interface: The load tester features a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls, making it simple to operate even for those with little technical expertise.
  7. Sturdy Build: Constructed from durable materials, the  Load Tester is designed to withstand frequent use and harsh conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  8. Portable Design: Many load testers are compact and portable, allowing users to take them to different locations, including workshops, garages, and job sites.
  9. Overload Protection: To safeguard the battery and the load tester, most models come with built-in overload protection features that prevent excessive current flow during testing.
  10. Multi-Functional Testing: Some load testers may offer additional testing functions, such as alternator testing, starter testing, and voltage drop testing, expanding their utility for diagnosing vehicle electrical systems.
  11. Battery Condition Indicators: Load testers often include LED indicators or audible alarms to display the battery’s condition quickly, indicating whether the battery is good, weak, or needs replacement.
  12. Rapid Testing: Load testing is typically a quick process, providing fast results for efficient battery assessment, especially when diagnosing multiple batteries.

The  Load Tester is a valuable tool for anyone who relies on batteries for their equipment, vehicles, or backup power needs. Its ability to assess battery health accurately can prevent unexpected failures, improve performance, and save time and money on unnecessary battery replacements.

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Description :

Battery Load Tester

  • ENERAL USAGE: This battery load tester also known as a carbon pile load tester is designed specifically for helping to determine the load, battery condition, and starter motor draw, and offers a complete charging system diagnosis. Especially great for testing batteries in RVs and seasonal or recreational vehicles.
  • ATTRIBUTES: This battery load tester comes with insulated super grip handles covering the cooper clip connectors. A diagnostic battery analysis chart is attached to the back of the tester, making it convenient for even a novice user to understand.
  • DURABILITY:  Load Tester is designed with shock-resistant housing. Specifically designed for everyday use on multiple varieties of 6V and 12V batteries.
  • COMMON USAGES: Small auto repair shops, roadside diagnostics, handyman, mobile mechanics, boat shops, DYI specialists, common batteries such as those found on tractors, lawnmowers, ATV, cars, trucks, for vans, SUV’s, boats, recreational vehicles (RV’s), small engine repair and maintenance, woodchoppers, go-carts, motorcycles, and jet skis. Especially great for those who have seasonal batteries.
  • This easy to use  Load Tester is great for the weekend hobbyist or the professional mechanic.
  • Let this product take the guesswork out of whether or not your battery needs replaced or just needs to be charged.
  • If voltage output is an issue with any small engine you are working on, especially great for an initial diagnostic in determining.
  • In the garage or on the go this small convenient powerful battery load tester is the perfect addition to any tool or automotive repair kit.
  • Please be advised that using this design creates high-temperature heat around the vent area due to coil placement.
  • To prevent possible burns please use thick leather heat-resistant gloves during use.
  • Please be advised that during the first use, you may smell a slight chemical burn-off. This is normal and should dissipate after
    a few uses. Please allow the product to cool completely before storage due to residual heat. Do not store on or near flammable material until completely cool.

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