ABG031-3 Air Blow Gun 16mm

ABG031-3 Air Blow Gun 16mm


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Why use ABG031-3 Air Blow Gun 16mm?

ABG031-3 Air Blow Gun

Blowguns are fitted to a compressed air line to produce a jet stream of air, they are used to quickly and efficiently clear equipment and surfaces of debris such as dust or chips, with the nozzle directing the air flow.

Even use of a “safe” blow gun involves hazards from flying particles and very high noise levels. Personal protective equipment, such as safety goggles with side shields, gloves, face shields and hearing protection, is still required. To reduce noise, choose one of the quieter models available on the market.
Compressed air can enter the body where the skin is not present (i.e., ear, nose, rectum or any scratch or puncture in the skin, however small) and can cause damage. There have also been reports of hearing damage caused by the pressure of compressed air and by its sound.
It operates by having the projectile placed inside the pipe and using the force created by forced exhalation (“blow”) to pneumatically propel the projectile. The propulsive power is limited by the strength of the user’s respiratory muscles and the vital capacity of their lungs.

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