25ML Pycnometer to Gay – Lussac, Calibrated

  • Complies with DIN/ISO 3507
  • With Individual Work Certificate
  • With Teflon stopper
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25ML Pycnometer


Glass Boro 3.3 Chemical Resistant

The calibrated Pycnometer to Gay-Lussac represents a sophisticated advancement in laboratory equipment, catering to the precise measurement of liquid volumes with unparalleled accuracy. Named after the renowned chemist Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac, this instrument incorporates his principle of volume-temperature relationship, enhancing its functionality by accounting for temperature variations during measurements.

At its core, the calibrated Pycnometer to Gay-Lussac operates as a specialized container for liquid substances. What sets it apart is its meticulous calibration, aligning with Gay-Lussac’s observation that the volume of liquids changes linearly with temperature. This calibration ensures that the instrument provides measurements that are adjusted for the temperature of the liquid, offering an enhanced level of precision that standard pycnometers may lack.

The utilization of this calibrated pycnometer is paramount in applications demanding the utmost accuracy. Scientific research, quality control processes, and various analytical procedures necessitate reliable and temperature-compensated volume measurements. This instrument is particularly valuable when dealing with substances sensitive to temperature variations, as it yields results that are not only highly accurate but also consistent across different thermal conditions. 25ML Pycnometer

Industries spanning chemistry, biology, pharmaceuticals, and more benefit from the capabilities of the calibrated Pycnometer to Gay-Lussac. Whether in determining the density of liquids, assessing the concentration of solutions, or ensuring batch consistency in manufacturing, this instrument provides an invaluable tool for obtaining reliable and traceable results.

In conclusion, the calibrated Pycnometer to Gay-Lussac stands as a testament to scientific progress, embodying precision, innovation, and the integration of fundamental principles. Its incorporation of Gay-Lussac’s temperature-volume relationship elevates its functionality, making it an indispensable asset in modern laboratories where accuracy and reliability are paramount. 25ML Pycnometer



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