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ying hao safety shoe

Name : ying  Hao safety shoe

Band: Ying hao

origin: china

size :41,42,43

Feature: With steel toe,steel mid sole and cap  flexing endurance,Puncture resistant,shock resistance

Insock/Insole: Rubber,EVA,PU,MESH:Heathly, breathable,anti-smelly and easy clean

colour: Black


1.    Prevention from Slips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls are a very common occurring. All too often the workforce deployed have to work on wet or oily floor, thus making them very prone to tripping. Protective footwear comes equipped with slip-resistant soles and provide stable footing to move about these floors.

Prevention from Slips and Falls

This lowers the risk of serious injuries that can cause slips and falls.

2.    Protects feet from punctures

During the course of working, workers usually step on sharp objects that can prick their feet. At times, they get struck by objects falling from above. In such situations, shoes with heavy-duty soles and thick materials provide a protective encasing to their feet and keeps them safe from the mayhem of mishaps.

Protects feet from punctures

3.    Prevention from falling objects

Crushed feet, broken and lost toes are a few fatalities that are reported on a regular basis by those associated in fishing construction and logging industries. Safety Shoes usually come equipped with toe caps of different make (steel, aluminum and composite) that act as a shield to the feet and prevents your feet from the consequences of crushing injuries.

Prevention from falling objects

4.    Protection from Electrical Hazards

Electricity poses a big risk in the workplace especially to those working in this sector. Normal shoes cannot provide the desired type of protection that workers from this field seek. To protect the workforce from electrical shockssafety shoes are made from non-conductive materials like rubber and leather. A well thought out investment in a pair of boots for longer periods of protection is always a good idea.

Protection from Electrical Hazards

5.    Safeguards the feet from cold and wet weather condition

Cold weather can lead to injuries such as frost bite and hypothermia that cannot be overlooked in the workplace. People who work outside in extreme weathers are always at risk of getting under the radar of these extremities and need to look after their protection.

Safeguards from all weather condition

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