we are providing  safety belt & harness in all Bangladesh . we are working  with karam ,honeywell ,nst ,uydogi  etc

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Double Hook For Safety Harness

Description : Double Hook For Safety Harness Name : Double  Hook Brand : Safe Origin : China

DuraMaxx Safety Goggles

Description : DuraMaxx Safety Goggles Feature Low profile design and toric lens for a large panoramic field of vision Benefit

Fall Arrester System on Flexible Anchorage Line

The Rope Grab Fall Arrester System consists of an openable Rope Grab Device, made up to high strength Galvanized steel. which moves freely along the polyamide twisted rope anchorage line (14mm to 16mm), attached at its eye with the user, while he moves up and down. The Rope Grab immediately ‘grabs’ on the line in the event of a fall, thereby arresting the fall. Conforms to EN 353-2:2002.

KARAM KI-02 Full Body Harness with Double Lanyard

Full body harness with two chest d-rings “class l” with 2 mtr. energy absorbing double PP lanyard & scaffolding hook PN 131 permanently attached. Model No.: KI 02

KARAM PN 351 Forked Lanyards with Energy Absorber

  • Made of 12mm dia 3 strands Twisted polyamide rope.
  • Length 1.5 m, 1.8 m, 2.0 m.
  • PN 112 with Energy Absorber PN 300 at one end and two Steel Scaffold Hook PN 131 at other ends.
  • Conforms to EN 355:2002 + VG11/PFE 63 (Additional Static Strength Test)

KARAM PN 361 Energy Absorbing Forked Webbing Lanyard

Description : KARAM PN 361 Made of 44mm wide polyester webbing. Length 1.5 m, 1.8 m, 2.0 m. PN 112

KARAM PN 371 Expandable Shock Absorber Twin Lanyards

Description : KARAM PN 371 Expandable Shock Absorber Twin Lanyards Made of 44mm Tubular webbing. Relaxed Length 1.4m, 1.6m &

KARAM PN 56 Full Body Harness

  • Adjustable shoulder, thigh straps and waist belt
  • The straps are provided with a soft padding for best possible comfort
  • High dynamic strength and integrity
  • Conforming: EN 361: 2002, EN 358:1999 and EN 813:2008

KARAM PN-23 Full Body Harness

Attachment Elements – 2 Chest attachment D- Rings and a Dorsal attachment D- Ring for Fall Arrest. Certified to EN 361:2002.

KARAM PN-44 Full Body Harness

Description : KARAM PN-44 Full Body Harness Attachment Elements – One Chest attachment D- Ring and a Dorsal attachment D-Ring

Liftek safety Belt

Description: Liftek safety Belt Name : Liftek Safety Belt Origin : China Brand : Safe