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Kitchen Scale TC-CF 20

Description : Kitchen Scale TC-CF 20 Power Supply: AC/DC Display Digit: 6 Digit Readability: 1gm – 5 Kg Plat Size:

Mega Analog Bathroom Scale 130kg

Description : Mega Analog Bathroom Scale Product: Personal Scale Capacity: 130 Kg Type: Analog Brand: Mega Origin: China Warranty: 3

Mega Deluxe Brief case weight scale

Description Mega Deluxe Brief case scale Brand Name – Mega Model – Mega Deluxe Briefcase Maximum Capacity – 40kg Accuracy

Mega Digital Kitchen LS-KS-021

Description Mega Digital Kitchen LS-KS-021 name : Mega Digital Kitchen scale Brand : Mega origin: china model :LS-KS-021  

Mega Digital Weight Scale 200kg

Description : Mega 200Kg Digital Weight Scale Model: Mega TC-09 Metal Chaka System Platform for Easy Moving Power Supply: AC/DC

Mega Economy ACS-607 15kg

Description Mega Economy ACS-607 scale Standard Capacities: 2gm – 15 Kg Plate Size: 338 x 225 mm Plastic Tray Power

Mega M-35 Digital scale with printer

Description : mega M-35 Model: M-35 Devision:-1 gm Max:-35kg Multiple printer button option.. Led screen. Rechargeable. Tray plate only. Loadcell

Mega Metal-TC-10 500kg

Description: Mega Metal-TC-10 Model: Mega TC-10 Metal scale Power Supply: AC/DC Display Digit: 6 Digit Readability: 20 gm – 200

Mega Waterproof WP-35 Digital Weight Scale

Description : Mega Waterproof WP-35 Name : Mega water proof  scale model : wp-35 origin : china Brand : Mega

Mega Weight Scale Battery BT-4V4 5AH

Description : Mega Weight Scale Battery BT-4V4 5AH Product Name: Mega Weight Scale Battery Model: BT-4V4.5AH Powder: 4.5AH Japan Standard

Smart Body Scale M05

Description : Smart Body Scale M05 Name : Smart Body Scale M05 brand: Mega origin : China Capacity: 250 Kg

Smart Health Scale G-1

Description : Smart Health Scale G-1 japan Standard Capacity: 200 Kg DIVd=0.1 Kg/0.2 LB Led Display Tempered Glass Surface Equipped

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